Physiotherapy for Children

Helping ALL kids be kids

Start Right Physiotherapy

How we can help

Being a kid means playing in the playground with their friends at school or being in the backyard with their family on the weekend. It’s laughter, being included and enjoying the feeling of movement.

If your child has developmental delays or other health issues, or is recovering after an injury, then sometimes they need a hand to help their bodies let them enjoy being a kid.

That’s where a children’s physiotherapist can help.

Start Right Physiotherapy work with children of all ages from newborn babies through to high schoolers to help your child be the best they can be.

We help improve your child’s physical capabilities through strengthening, stretching, exercise, movement training, adaptive equipment, and hands-on therapy.

We offer both mobile and clinic-based appointments for people in the Sutherland Shire, St George and South-Eastern areas of Sydney, as well as telehealth physiotherapy for people outside the area.

Baby and Toddler Physiotherapy

Kids with Disabilities Physiotherapy

Orthopaedic Conditions & Injuries


Fun. Play-based.

Serious children’s physiotherapy doesn’t have to be done in a serious way.

Our approach is fun, play-based, and supportive.

Everything we do is based on answering the questions “What will work best for this child and their interests?” and “What will work best for this family?”

Most sessions your child will be in fits of giggles or cheering themselves on as they achieve something new.

After each session, we help you continue the good work with things you can do at home.

We are parents ourselves and know what it is like trying to squish home programs into busy lives. That’s why we have a stack of tried-and-tested tactics to help manage the juggle while still helping your child in their everyday lives.

We will help your child play well and be active for life.